Reiki treatment in Budapest

Reiki treatment in Budapest
Do you feel stressed in your daily life? Do you have any physical / mental problem? Or do you feel waves clashed over your head and want to re-equilibrate yourself?

Please try Jikiden Reiki treatment in Budapest (see explanation, this beautiful 6 min. video) which is a gentle, hands-on energy healing technique with origins in Japan.

The therapy helps to dissolve the energy blocks and toxins in your body and supports the body’s own healing process naturally. The other positive effect of reiki treatment is that your mind will be balanced, and you will feel yourself relaxed.

Reiki energy benefits:

  • vitalize and fill you with energy
  • strengthen the immune system
  • harmonize your life
  • eliminate distracting thoughts and calm the emotional waves
  • reduce the stress and pain in your body
  • supports the body’s detoxification processes
  • help you to come back to your original state

You can you use Jikiden Reiki treatment as prevention or as therapy for your problem.  It is natural healing technique without any side effect, it is working even if you do not believe in it! It can be also used as supplementary support for medical/ allopathic or naturopathic treatment too.

What happens during the therapy?

reiki treatment BudapestThe session starts with a brief consultation which is followed by the treatment itself. This can be implement on a massage table or if you want on a chair based on your needs. You do not need to change or take off your clothes, you can enjoy the treatment in your own comfortable clothing.

The energy transmission is implemented by gentle touching of affected areas, or therapist holds his/her hand above your body. During the reiki treatment you may feel heat or tingling sensation under the therapist’s hand  or just feel yourself very relaxed. You do not need to imagine anything, just close your eyes and be relaxed during the whole reiki treatment.

Generally first your head will be touched, then your front body, your rear body which is finally followed by the Japanese blood exchange massage (lasts 10 minutes in clothes) to promote your natural healing process. This whole treatment usually lasts for 90 minutes. In special cases there are some unique Japanese techniques to work on your problem.

After the treatment you may share your experience or you can ask questions. It is recommended to drink more clear water during the day which helps eliminate the toxins from your body.

Are you curious what my clients say about the reiki treatment?

Please click on this >>>  feedback from reiki treatments

Types and prices of reiki treatment in Budapest

Whole reiki treatment:

This is a full body therapy supporting the body’s own healing processes and removing toxins accumulated in the body. It is recommended, if you suffer from any serious problem. Applies to:

  • Pain relief
  • acute problems (eg. burns, bruises, cuts, fractures, sprains, chronic fatigue, swelling, pneumonia, influenza, common cold, dizziness, cough, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, etc.)
  • In case of long-standing diseases (eg. allergies, high blood pressure, insomnia, tinnitus, hernia, ulcers, obesity, infertility, kidney inflammation, rheumatism, problems with urination, morning sickness during pregnancy, etc.)

price: 8.000 HUF (90 minutes)

Mental reiki treatment:

This is a special therapy on the head with using a reiki symbol and mantra effectively to treat a variety of psychological problems. For this kind of method your support is needed to find the root cause of your problem and your sincere intention to change (your mental state). It applies to:

  • Psychosomatic diseases
  • Panic disorder, depression
  • Addictions (helps quitting smoking, eating disorders, gambling, rage, anger, anxiety, etc.)

price: 8.000 HUF (90 minutes)

Detox reiki treatment:

This type of therapy mainly focuses on your immune system, liver, kidneys, digestive system and the heart and it is finished with the Japanese blood exchange massage as well. This is a general well-being and performance enhancing reiki therapy, which activates the body’s detoxifying functions. It applies to:

  • Detoxification
  • Stress relief
  • Prevention

price: 8.000 HUF (90 minutes)

szabo-gabor reiki treatment in BudapestMy name is Gábor Szabó, I am Jikiden Reiki teacher and therapist. First I learnt western reiki in 2000. and I started to work with clients in 2007. I begun to practice Jikiden Reiki in 2009. and I achieved teacher level in 2012.

The main benefit of Jikiden Reiki is the holistic approach of diseases that we should heal the soul as well as the physical body.

I think Reiki therapy is a great tool, because you can apply it in every situation, in various areas without any side effects, and it works well for everyone.

Please try Jikiden Reiki treatment in Budapest, you can contact me for appointment (and let me know if you have any questions):

Open hours:

Saturday: 11-20:00,

Sunday: 11-20:00


Budapest, VII. district, near to ASTORIA Metro 2 station

Cancellation policy:

If you need to cancel the appointment, please do that minimum 2 days before. Other case you have to pay 3.000 Ft cancellation fee. Thanks for your cooperation.

I would like an appointment:
Please send your message to my e-mail address:

Thanks in advance.


Szabó Gábor

My name name is Gábor Szabó, Jikiden Reiki teacher and therapist. I practice this original method since 2009.
For me Reiki is not just a simple energy healing method, but it is also an approach and a spiritual way to create inner harmony and well-being.
I believe that everyone can achieve this goal and can intagrate reiki to the daily life. Practicing reiki means: you take steps to create health, happiness, harmonious relationships and balance in your life. So take a chance to learn this authenic japanese method by completing the Jikiden Reiki course and start to work on yourself.
I also offer reiki therapy for my clients, which create balance in mental and physical level and it is recomended for several type of ailments, stress, lack of energy so on…

Phone: +36 70 414 0508


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