Reiki treatment is always a unique experience as reiki energy has effect ot the physical body and the mind. Although most people experience similar feelings such as: deep relaxed state, feeling of energy in the affected area, waning of wavering thoughts and emotions, less tension, stress, stiffness, cessation of pain, more vitality in daily life, smooth-relaxed mind after treatment, etc. However, the effects and inner experience of treatment can be subjective, so you can get an impression from the reviewes below before you make an appointment for reiki treatment in Budapest.
You can also read reiki course feedback from my students who have already completed the Jikiden Reiki seminar. My goal with these below reviews to get an impression, inspiration for the knowledge and skills of the seminar, and what you can expect to change in your life if you start practicing this japanese spiritual and energy healing method. Please see the detailed description of Jikiden Reiki class where you can see all info.
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I contacted Gábor because I was experiencing disabling emotional peaks, and a persistent discomfort in the stomach area. During the treatment, I felt tension in various specific areas of the body and I experienced diverse emotions, as if they were magnified smoothly, before disappearing. I also felt a sensation of warmth in different parts of the body, for example in my feet that are usually often cold. After the treatment I felt relieved and the emotional discomfort that I was experiencing before the treatment had disappeared. I also noticed that my posture improved. The pain in the stomach area went away gradually in the days that followed. I would highly recommend Gábor’s treatment services for several reasons: – it is a relaxing moment and an opportunity to take time to listen better to one’s body and emotions, – the results are compelling and bring back hope, – the services are offered by a trained profesionnal with kindness, respect and active attention.